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About Us

About Us


Xpandasox® is a brand under the umbrella of 2DAYGIF, INC. 2DAYGIF, INC is an acronym for Today God is First. We are a faith based corporation that honors our beliefs. We feel blessed to serve our customers by bringing them problem solving products that we are proud of.


An answer to a prayer, an encounter on an airplane changed the path of Xpandasox® CEO & founder Sharon Thorp's career, and she founded Passione Legwear, meaning "passion" in Italian. Inspired by the elegance and romance of Italy and its impeccable style, Sharon married luxury with everyday wearability and found success at QVC, building a business that is contrary to the worldly view of business. Matthew 6:24


From there, after listening to feedback from customers that socks were too tight around their calves, and following much prayer for direction, an idea for an expandable sock came into Sharon's mind. The same day, the first prototype was cut and sewn, and Xpandasox® was born. After 2+ years of sourcing and applying for a patent, the problem solving debut collection of Xpandasox® was featured at Full Figure Fashion week in NYC, in June 2015. Stretching 24+ inches, Xpandasox® featuring the sewn-in  Xpandapanel™ stretches and contracts to stay up without binding, allowing for great style and comfort. Though the idea was initially conceived for people with wider or athletic calves, it was soon realized that Xpandasox® are also ideal for anyone with leg swelling due to frequent travel, pregnancy, health conditions, etc. They also stretch to accommodate casts and braces, and are ideal for use with sock aids.


Giving back is at the heart of our company, so we are excited to not only offer women and men Xpandasox® that stretch 24+ inches to accommodate wide calves and solve problems such as leg swelling, but also to donate as many socks as possible to those in need. For every pair of Xpandasox® purchased, we will be depositing 1 pair into our "Sock Bank." Socks are the most asked for item in homeless shelters in the USA, and we have partnered with organizations that will withdraw socks from our bank to give to those in need. We have been challenged by an organization to donate 200,000 pairs of socks by March 2016. Please help us to reach this goal, so that we can serve others. We will be donating black socks that are antimicrobial, to promote healthier feet, and cushioned on the bottom for added comfort that are more resilient to wear and tear. These will be distributed throughout the United States.


We hope you enjoy wearing Xpandasox® as much as we have enjoyed making them.


"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7