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-Introducing XPANDASOX®: a patent pending innovative new sock concept.


-Through its unique construction, these problem-solving socks stretch 24+ inches to accommodate legs of all shapes, while adding light to moderate gradient compression according to your calf size.


-XPANDASOX® feature our Xpandapanel™: a stretchy, sewn-in panel that is ideal for people with wide, plus size, athletic or swollen calves due to travel, pregnancy or medical conditions.


-Perfect for anyone that has suered from the red ring that too tight socks leave on your leg!














“...one of the treatments for lymphedema is bandaging/wrapping - and usually it's
dicult to keep it all in place. Your soxs help keep everything in place, normal socks
don't work because they are not big enough to expand to the wrapping. It's a great fit!”
-Catherine Seo, PhD, CoDirector of The Lipedema Project USA


"I fit somone today to use over her compression stocking and she couldn't believe
they fit her. She came in with white ankle socks because that was all that she could
wear. She really liked the plain black ones. I gave her your info."
-Tracey (Towlen) Podolsky, MPT, CLT-LANA, CLM, Executive Director Wyatt
Rehabilitation Physical Therapy & Lymphedema Services

"..While I have lost 155 (lbs), I developed cellulitis that turned into MRSA, and
through God's Healing, was cured - but I was left with edema on the right leg.
Since then, back in 2008, I have worn support stockings. Your Xpandasox are the
perfect cover up, to wear over these support stockings!..."
-Midge R., via www.xpandasox.com

“I just got an order of your socks... and I can't believe how comfortable they are. I
have large calves and even buying plus size socks I have problems getting them to
fit usually at the end of the day I have divots in my legs where the socks have dug in.
THANK YOU.” -Jody, via www.xpandasox.com

"I have to tell you- my mom absolutely hates socks because she has particularly
wide calves. She loves skiing and always gets so frustrated looking for socks for her
ski boots that can stretch over her calves. She is so happy to have a pair of these
socks! You are answering her prayers :)" -Asby, HeyGorgeous.com Content Manager

"I love these socks - they fit my plus size leg nicely, and feel so good!"
-DixieDame, 5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon

"I bought these to wear in my boots. They are comfortable and fit over my calf."
-Judi A., 5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon

"Fits well and feels great. Socks stay up all day."
-Cecelia, 5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon